The idea for a women's NETWORK among postal managers originated in 1983 in Puerto Rico during the national convention of the National Association of Postmasters of the United States (NAPUS). Postmaster Margarette Foley suggested to the late Vivian K. Lott, MSC Manager, Postmaster, Nashville, TN, that women managers had unique needs and problems, which might be addressed by networking with each other. Continue reading to learn more about NETWORK National’s history.

An informal inter-regional system of Networking was formed in 1984 when, at the first NETWORK meeting in Chicago, IL, Jacqueline (Jackie) Sue agreed to publish the NETWORK newsletter. Since 1984, major NETWORK conferences have been held in Columbus, SC, Chicago, Merrillville, Indiana, San Francisco, Houston, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Ft. Lauderdale, Detroit, Memphis, Washington D.C., Connecticut, New York, Oakland, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Orlando. All NETWORK meetings are not large gatherings. We find that whenever or wherever two or more gather in friendship, networking takes place.

In 1987, at the San Francisco meeting, NETWORK members elected its first National Board of Directors. Eloise P. Miller served as the first Chairperson.


Chairpersons Who Have Served NETWORK Are:

Jeannine Graham2018-2019
Raschelle Parker2014-2017
Charisse Ingraham2010-2013
Debra Jones2007-2009
Katheryn Marshall2006-2006
Marjorie M. Brown2004-2005
Cheryl A. Hill2002-2003
Carolyn D. Shirkey2000-2001
Judy E. Walker1996-1999
Georgie T. Rucker1994-1995
Jacqueline A. Sue1992-1993
Bertha L. Young1990-1991
Eloise P. Miller1987-1989

In 1991, the EACH ONE REACH ONE program was developed by Marjorie M. Brown, Field Director, Marketing and Communication, Miami, FL. This is a mentorship program that provides financial assistance to members seeking educational opportunities.

In 2004, the WOMEN ON THE MOVE program was developed by Marjorie M. Brown, Postmaster, Atlanta, GA. This program is designed to profile leaders who demonstrate a high potential for increased responsibility and accountability in the Postal Service. It is open to EAS 19 and above NETWORK members who are currently prepared to move into EAS-22 through PCES positions.

In 2008, THE DARE TO SOAR program was developed by Debra Jones, Manager of Business Service Operations, and managed by Vinnie Malloy, District Manager/Postmaster, and New York, NY. This program provides an opportunity for EAS 15-18 NETWORK members to demonstrate technical knowledge and the ability to manage people.

In 2013, Sister-Adopt-A-Sister (currently known as My Sister's Keeper) program was developed by Charisse I. Ingraham, HQ Project Manager. This program is designed to mentor, coach, and prepare our sisters to develop skills and abilities to help them move to the next level.

NETWORK yearly dues are $50. In 1985, the VIVIAN K. LOTT SCHOLARSHIP FUND was established in Nashville, TN. $5 of NETWORK dues goes to support this fund, which provides scholarships for cancer research and supports the United Negro Scholarship College Fund.

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