Meet Our Chairperson Jacqueline Erwin

Jacqueline Erwin

NETWORK, an organization formed in 1984, by a group of postal women who knew then, the power of collective efforts of strong women. The individuals were determined to make a difference for other women within the Postal Service. Through the tenacity and resilience of those who blazed an indelible trail, we are able to stand in pride today. Scroll down to read more inspirational words from the Chairperson.

I am honored to lead this great organization, rich with talent, fortitude, and wisdom, Together, we will take NETWORK to greater heights and deeper depths, daring to be bolder than we have ever been. As the National NETWORK Chairperson, I am personally committed to growing the organization, helping to develop and empower women as they step out of their comfort zones and flourish using thir talents, skills, and abilities to make the Postal Service better.

Each member has something unique to offer and is endowed with their own gifts. Therefore, I invite everyone to share their experiences, ideas, and talents with one another for personal growth and to expand NETWORK. There is a proverb that says, “Your gift will open doors for you and bring you before great people”, however, you must use your gift for this proverb to be true. As we forge forward, I challenge you to “re-gift” yourself to NETWORK. William Ross said it best in his poem, “The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.”

Thank you all for your continued dedication and support to help others through NETWORK’s mission and vision.


Jacqueline Erwin

NETWORK National Chairperson